World Cup

South Africa is holding the World Cup this year. Shouldn’t they fix the problems to the poor before they waste all this money?  Although it is a pretty cool looking stadium they’re building. They have seats that are black and white arranged in the pattern of zebra stripes.  Especially since they are going to use it for political speeches after the World Cup is over. Maybe I’m wrong and the World Cup is exactly what they need. Like it could get some major groups down there to help them out. Although there is the fact that the tourists there won’t even go to the poor region. Well think of it this way. The odds of them getting help is very high, as long as they have all this publicity they might get the help they need. Until they do get their help people can enjoy the World Cup. Well ’til the next post XD bye.

Dead Dinos

Ok the debate is on going so heres a new theory of what happened to the Dinosaurs. Experts have now concluded that an asteroid slammed in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula 65 million years ago. With 20 times the speed of a bullet it smacked the Earth head on. The impact caused dust and dirt to cloud the air and block out the sun. It plunged the Earth into low temperatures, this caused a lot of death among life on Earth. Now you could say a lot of other stuff from that point like “the Dinosaurs needed food but with so much life gone they couldn’t eat” or “they started eating themselves” your opinion is your alone. I’d love to hear what you think happened to them though. Just tell it in the comments. Well that’s all i gotta say so see you guys in the next post. Later.

Bubble Shaped Eco-car: EN-V

Ok GM has recently unveiled a two seated bubble shaped car in China. I won’t lie this car looks like something from a future racing video game. Now this thing is only five feet long and they call it the Electric Networked-Vehicle (EN-V). Check out this picture of it 2010 GM EN-V Concept wallpaper image. Doesn’t it look epic XD. Anyway this is an electric car (hence the name XD) so it doesn’t let out exhaust. GM wants to redo the automobile with this invention, and they might actually do it. The only issue is that you really shouldn’t buy it if you have a big family. Two seats means that your gonna have to buy a bigger car (which might run on gas) which I think defeats the purpose of buying it. Besides, I don’t even truly know if this will come out in the U.S.A (but i really hope it does). Now for one other issue that I want to point out……steering…how do you do it? Well it almost looks like its going to be controlled by a controller that you pivot around to make it move (kinda like on a PS3 Six axis mode). While that sounds cool… really isn’t the way I want to drive a car. Well that be all for this post XD. Tell me what ya think of this car in the comments. Later.

Tallest Building!

(I kinda wanted to do this topic because its awesome! Ok here goes.) The tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. I guess no one would be surprised if I said that building it put the country in debt. But that place is awesome! It’s like 2,717 feet high and is costed like $1.5 billion. The only thing is it could take a while to fix elevator problems, for example 15 people got stuck on an elevator and they were stuck there for a whole hour. It really isn’t that necessary but then again its an awesome place to go for a vacation. But it’s no problem for the people kicking back on one of its 137 floors. Well that’s all to really talk about now so please enjoy this pic of the building. Thats all for this post so see you guys in the next one. Laters.

iPad Not A Piece of Junk?

Ok, I’ve decided to do this about the iPad since I haven’t done a tech blog in a while. Now as people say, the iPad is nothing but a cross between a laptop and a iPhone. Ok… with 150,00 plus apps they really want you to buy it, but would you really pay all that money when you can easily buy a laptop. Ok i will say that I like some of the iPad only apps, such as  The Elements, this app lets you see the periodic table up close in (which i don’t really care for) 3-D. Now I hate that you have to buy the glasses separately but this still seems like a handy app if your learning that kinda stuff. I guess you’ll like this next one if your into racing games,Asphalt 5 is the next one I’m doing. Now it’s actually just like any other racing game that takes place in beautiful cities with awesome cars, so I don’t tink this one is worth getting. Especially if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360. Heres a screen shot of it. I know this looks pretty awesome but it’s just another racing game that can easily be replaced by a game on the Xbox 360 or PS3. I want to take the time to mention that both these consoles can be just as HD as the iPad can be. And they have a wider variety of awesome racing games that are just as cool as one the iPad can have. Now I’m going to show one last iPad app game that I think is the most useless and stupid. Scrabble, really Apple? Do you really think anyone with common sense is a going to buy this one? People take my advice and buy the real Scrabble from Wal-Mart instead of paying for this piece of crap app. It might be a little messy with pieces everywhere but its better than having to buy it from Apple. Ok now that my app rant is over we can finish this blog off in a few more sentences (not counting this one). Things I Hate About iPad: 1. it’s just a fusion product that is only needed by people who just want to show off with it. 2. most of the iPad only apps i’ve seen are stupid games you play on your laptop or PS3 and Xbox 360, and stupid things you can also do on your computer if you have one (let the record state i have only seen like five or six iPad only apps). 3. its all around a waste of money and time unless you’ve got no laptop or computer, and still at least wait until the price drops (which we all know will) . Basically I’m going to finish this by saying: If you are in need of it or you just wanna be a show off to your friends then by all means buy the iPad. Well that’s all I gotta say so see you guys in another post on my other blogs. Later.

Thrill Killing Shrill Milling

Ok…..people are concerned with thrill killing. It’s just like hunting except its out of season, which is illegal. Also they leave the bodies to rot instead of taking the bodies home and cooking them and all the other stuff you do with deer. Ok now everyone is giving out ideas (that i hate by the way) that they think might reduce the thrill killing thing, I’m only going to talk about one. Ok they think they need to ban violent video games (can anyone guess where this is going?)  which I think is an idiotic idea. Why ban video games just because parents think that violent video games are “de-sensitizing” kids? Ok now think of this,why would you want your kid to react to blood and gore? There is nothing wrong with not reacting to blood and gore and all that stuff. Now I will admit there are some games that are a little too violent but you gotta stop thinking of those games and be grateful that we banned the really bad games. I can think of one but I’m not talking about that. The point is that video games aren’t making kids go out and kill innocent animals, Being restless and bored all the time is. Don’t blame the video games blame the kids. Thats all I have to say so later.

Earthquakes Destruction You Can’t Block!

Another earthquake? Oh man come on! Well you guys know the drill, my assignment is to blog an earthquake damage comparison between Haiti and Chile. Ok even though the earthquake in Chile was stronger than the one in Haiti, Chile had a lot less damage than Haiti did. Haiti probably wasn’t prepared (speaking out of theory here) for an earthquake as opposed to Chile who had so  many earthquakes that they adapted their buildings so would have minimal damage from future earthquakes (still talking off theory here). In short Haiti was nearly destroyed Chile was severely damaged. All I can really say is that Haiti will do what Chile did and make their buildings stronger so the next earthquakes doesn’t destroy the place completely. Well uumm..thats all i really know to say so later.

The Venezuelan Government

Hey guys! Lightning King (65boy) here to blog about the Venezeulan Government. Ok the Venezuelans have the exact same government as us (more or less), like they are ruled by one person, they have three main branches with the addition of another and they are the Legislative, Executive, Judicial, and Citizens branches. The idea is that we basically have the same style of government, we just work differently. Like how there have been multiple attempts to overthrow the president or how the president gets 6 years in office. Maybe It’s only me but I don’t really get why we aren’t friends, I mean just because Hugo Chavez said that president Bush was the  devil doesn’t mean we still have to hate each other (mostly cause  president Bush isn’t president anymore) but that’s just the opinion of a guy that plays around all day. Well our government’s are similar enough so maybe in the future we’ll be able to become allies. That’s all I’ve got to say so see you in the next post. Later.

Body Scanners: Getting a Little Creepy

Ok first off as a question:Do you think that scanners are necessary? Well I do for one reason: Terrorists. Yes I know that they are complete wastes of metal and invade our privacy (and taking off our shoes and stuff is a pain), but what if one if the people getting scanned has a bomb or weapon and the scanner finds it. Ok I’m all for having them in there but I don’t like the idea of someone watching me undress. I’m not saying its a bad idea I just don’t  want someone I don’t know (or anyone for that matter) to see under my clothes. Anyway I wanna talk about the other things that are bugging me about this idea: 1. Like I’ve said I don’t want some creepy person watching me. 2. I’m not gonna take off my shoes and crap just to get scanned. 3. And I’m tired of having to put my luggage on the conveyor belts just so they can go in it and try to throw away my stuff! Now for the what I like about it: 1. I like how they are beefing up airport security after what happened. I think that’s all I have to say so I’ll see you guys next week or sooner. Later.

Help For Haiti!

Remember that earthquake in Haiti? That place will never be the same again.  People from all over the world are trying their hardest to help Haiti recover, but have you seen the pics of the devastation in Haiti? It’s pretty sad (and in some cases a little scary) but hopefully they’ll be ok. On the lighter side though they aren’t alone in this (wait for it) all the kind rescue organizations of the web are helping them out.  For instance, Doctors without borders is a website that is working with Haiti (and other places) to make sure that they are safe . I hope everything works out for Haiti, and if you guys can help them out by making a donation, that would be great.